12 interesting facts about pigeons

1st always lay 2 eggs, first out male and the second female , and in Sunset differ by one day but are born equal .

2nd born with beautiful blonde , later moving to grow feathers , in about 10 days.

3rd They are very territorial animals that live in groups , the parents feed the young pigeon milk (a kind of milk secreted in the crops both fathers and mothers)

4th parents incubate the eggs at noon , the female the remainder of the day.

5th Most of the constructed nest mothers minetras the father take care of sticks and twigs so you can build

6th The pigeons love swimming and it is advisable to leave 2 months bañarase week

7th The pigeon is the fastest bird in a straight line , reaching 60 to 80 km / h

8th are animals with a great sense of direction.

9th In the specialized clubs where colombaires gather awards are usually seen even € 3,000

10th is not recommended to leave them out of the loft until they have laid eggs and have babies , once the offspring have let go and always return.

11th A dove is covered which has never flown released , so before releasing it is advisable to have a 360 degree view and know to stand and orient

12th In the loft is always advisable to catch them at the same time , when there is almost no light, so we always have an idea of how it was and as it is currently .