Komodo dragon


This lizard that almost everyone knows not to see him but his name is the largest lizard in the world. Are lizards usually live in Indonesia, its appearance it is similar to the higuanas , although quite large and more fiercer .

They may reach two to three meters long and weigh up to 70 kg shall normally males are usually larger , but sometimes difficult to differentiate . Are carnivores , but basically often feed on carrion, is also known to be achieving ambush hunting. Are fully covered with scales, when they are young they are green with some yellow and black spots or areas, when they reach adulthood they become red or grayish brown. They usually live in places with tall grass and open , always warm and dry meadows. They have a very long, large , sharp claws , which they use when hunting and fighting .

 They are very active during the day , probably because his vision is better , although some are activated at night. These large lizards have an amazing ability to run at top speed can reach 20 km / h , always in short distances , are also great because divers can dive to reach up to 4.5 meters deep. Also dig burrows for shelter.

Something very interesting komodo dragon is having a poison, which has an anticoagulant effect , which causes the prey to bleed after a bite , they also have a great sense of smell which allows them to know there is a dying prey even to 9.5 miles away .

These huge lizards can live up to 50 years , the mating season is usually between July and August are so ovivíparos lay eggs.

Although it is not normal to attack people there is evidence of some attacks, which ended up being fatal.