Home made Fish food

Pet shops should give free tropical fish because of the cost of the aquarium , filter, light , gravel , plants , food, chlorine conditioner , vitamins, brine shrimp eggs , lambing , the salabre the Fridge , compost .... or at least put us coffee while we delight to see fish and chose ... it's just a suggestion ...

Yesterday I was reading a book about a little while fish feeding quite old , the kind that smell musty and there is a section that explain how the noodles are used to feed the fish.

The noodles human food are carbohydrates and proteins , since its composition are flour, egg, vegetables, etc ...

Also the best is its quick and easy preparation.

We have to take the noodles and break them into very small for the fish and shrimp can ingest pieces .

We give them a few minutes to boil matching cuddly with plenty of salt and then wash under running water .

We supply any food only the amount needed for the water not dirty.

I still have not tried it , but not take long to give my guppies and others.