The koala is a type of marsupial, its put that many of you will remember to " Mofli " koala cartoons , believe it or not mainly because of the fact that I never guess right when trying to capture an animal on a cartoon, this did not fail at all. Not exactly the same but has many similar things, even in their behavior.

Koalas can reach a height of 76 inches , and your body is very sturdy and covered with a thick but soft grayish-brown fur . His head is large in proportion to its body, and also round , furry ears are rounded and large . They have very sharp front teeth , this is not because they are actually carnivores herbivores, but mostly because they eat eucalyptus leaves and are hard to break .

When living in the wild females can live up to 15 years , males instead about 10 years , this is because they are very territorial animals and often fight over territory and damaged , so they have to go live worst areas . Those living in captivity can last 19 years, which tells us that they have longer life expectancy in captivity than in the wild. Males can weigh up to 14 kg . and a female about 11 kg . , although this can vary depending on the area they inhabit. Are prepared to live in the trees, with its limbs can climb and holding, they also have something in common with the cartoons and they are very lazy and spend a lot of time sleeping , being able to sleep up to 20 hours a day.



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