This dog was originally big game even being used to hunt bears , is native to Japan . The warriors of Japan used it as defense and attack dog .

In Japan it is considered the national dog and in 1931 it was designated a national monument in Japan was a dog symbolizing prestige , wealth and good luck.

It is a very protective dog with the family and what is yours , so you have to sociabilizarlo from very small to deal with other dogs and animals go to live . With people is very affectionate unless showing bad intentions, very loyal to his master , are great friends of the children defend and endure their antics can even give his life to defend them , is reserved and quiet , no barking anything , so if you do have to pay attention because something happens , can remain unmoved in an irritating situation if these are not important , other dogs may show dominant, although not seek confrontation unless they have challenged , from there you have to socialize very young .

Their coat is abundant, thick and soft , usually colored red, brindle and white. Their weight ranges from 34 to 53 kg . for males and 30 to 49 kg . females. They have a life expectancy of about 10 years.

For you to see how faithful they can become these dogs only will give reference to one well-known which has a bronze statue in his honor, as he was for 9 years waiting for his owner who had died, to come home . If you want to know more about him you can see the movie Hachiko : always by your side or simply search online and see hachiko fidelity of animals.