What determines the size of the fish?

We all know the story of the fish in a cold water tank ball 2 liters of water .

What determines as fish grow ?

Why there are fish that are much smaller than others? If you have had guppies or other you have seen that there are always growing more than others.

Tamna could say that the aquarium is an important factor ... maybe not so much .

Genetic predisposition if that is an important factor , the selective breeding of any species captive-bred fish , bird , dog ... always gigantism , is perhaps the attempt to overcome some trauma of the human race .

So if a fish has genetically in their DNA size , if this will be an important growth factor.

Food, this is the means by which that will transform your fresh fish DNA in grilled meat .

Clean water, here we have another key , and not just because we also we like clean water, but because the fish expel its aqueous medium proteins that slow the growth of other fish and themselves .

Genetic Predisposition 1

2nd adequate food

3rd Clean Water

4th aquarium size