Killie Lantern Aplocheilichthys normani

The Killie flashlight is a cute and peaceful fish that live in shoals by breeding freely, is all gray , except for a touch up blue eye that gives it its famous name.

The interesting thing about this fish is 3 inches in size it has, is not the smallest , but enough to keep with adult shrimp, provided they have adequate shelter .

These fish like to occupy the upper middle of the aquarium , while the prawns will go under , but I no doubt whatsoever that zoea to see ... zoea eaten .

Originally from Africa , like other killies lay eggs glued in plants Temp hatched in approximately 12 days , so they are very easy to play , you only have to hand pick the tiny fingers that stick to plants and Just write in the farrowing pen or other small aquarium to rescue some offspring , if necessary.

The water parameters are soft water with neutral PH 6.5 - 7 and a temperature of about 24-26 degrees C

Sexarlos is not easy because of its size , but adult males have the longest that females have shorter, rounded fins .

To feed is simple and complicated, for its size, grindal , frozen brine shrimp will do well their role and floating sticks if we accept that the food will be good .