Lemur of Madagascar

Makes me laugh to the top of google in reference to Madagascar Lemur King of the Lemurs of the cartoon series "The Penguins of Madagascar ," a saga of movies cartoon movie Madagascar relate ... I 've seen them.

 The Lemurs are primates endemic around the island of Madagascar emitting a characteristic sounds like many other primates.

Their size ranges from 30 grams to 9 Kg , in our wikipedia, until the arrival of humans 2,000 years ago, Madagascar 's Lemurs were quite calm and raised healthy and strong enough to be Lemurs the size of a gorilla, but gradually they have had to make adapting fast, agile and elusive animals to survive .

We have a species of Lemurs Centana ... so these photo are only a representative sample of the species .

Eat or be eaten ... Lemurs feed on leaves and fruits, have a comportamiendo based on the stations you pass through times of reproduction and even hibernation.

It seems that Lemur has no clear future , 90% of the species of lemurs are in danger of extinction and political situation around them no favors them , so the role of zoos and associations is a fundamental key to serious work towards the persistence over time of these primates.