The Heike Crab

Look well to this crab, has the face of angry samurai ... or at least it should be.

The history of this crab is oriented toward evolution , I will try to summarize in a short paragraph.

The samurai crab or Heike crab is named in honor of a Japanese emperor leader of a clan of samurai , this story dates back to 1800 and you can read it in full on the Internet easily .

Anyway, this samurai was on his boat and he ended up at the bottom of the sea ... then whenever fishermen fished crab in its shell that had samurai face them again to throw the sea, and so for over 200 years, this has led to almost all crabs can fish here are with this form , giving rise to the common name of this crab.

Fishermen claim that Heike samurai wander around the bottom of the sea ... shaped crab carapace .

If you are a crab without this form you will fish and the evolution will not leave your genetic fingerprint , however the shape of samurai in their shells will be those who will continue pacing the bottom of the sea ....

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