We have received many emails asking about how to treat your pet in an emergency, here I leave this article to your request.

Just like people, our pets will also be able to suffer the an accident, this little manual can help you to help your pet in an emergency situation, importantly, does not serve as a solution to a potential problem, always ask a veterinarian or a specialist

Acts calmly, nerves and haste are bad advisers.

First of all, an injured dog may bite even the person who is helping because of confusion and fear, if you have the chance, put the muzzle on your dog before attempting rescue.

How to deal with:

Burns: Place the affected area with cold water, use ice if the burn affects a small area. This should be something to calm your pet, and then take to the vet to examine the type of burn.

Stings bee / insect: Apply ice to relieve swelling, can provide some antihistamine (always consult your veterinarian before)

Poisoning fluid intake: If dog vomits and do not know it, collect a sample and go immediately to the vet, if we know it's going to the vet to tell who has drunk our mascot.

Car accidents: Flag zone properly, put the animal away from the road and cover with a blanket or warm clothes to avoid heat loss. Asking for help from a veterinarian

Bleeding: Apply pressure over the affected area, or gauze pads placed over the wound to try to stop the bleeding.

Heatstroke: Immerse the dog in cool water, cool air, and take to the vet for a check-up.

Snake bites: Remove the dog from the snake, identify the type of snake (take a picture with the phone if you can) and quickly consult with the vet, apply an ice pack on the bite.

Bites from other dogs: Clean the blood and press for slow bleeding, go to the vet to perform the appropriate cures.

Choking: Raise the front legs of the dog and gently tap on the back to open the airway

Mischief, innocence and playfulness, I recommend to spend a lot of time with your pet


Remember, above all calm and serenity, assess, intervene and consult a specialist.

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