The Borneo pygmy elephant

This weekend I bought at a Christmas market some magazines about Pets from Nathional Geographic , I can not resist commenting on the stories that I find interesting and the first one is about the Borneo pygmy elephant .

There are 4 species of elephants, two African and tow other Asian .

. - Jungle Elephant

. - African Elephant

. - Asian Elephant

. - Borneo pygmy elephant

 Let's see how I explain it , the story stars when the pygmy elephants of Borneo with jurisdiction was introduced there by man, around 1750 Company of the West Indies gave some elephants to a sultan who also made free in the forests of Borneo those elephants, giving rise to the present species inhabiting these forests.

However, this story is not documented and genetic studies warn that it is not possible that in just 250 years, the Borneo pygmy elephants have genetic differences they have with respect to other Asian elephants.

Scientific studies underlying this species was isolated on the island of Borneo 200,000 years ago , when sea level rose in making Borneo island that is current .

Currently are about 2,000 pygmy elephants , which are treated as pests by farmers in Borneo, these elephants have been reduced significantly in this territory because of deforestation and increasingly are more threatened , prioritizing a long- term this sort of pachyderm.