Sheepdog garafiano

It is a breed of dog native to the island of Palma , Canary Islands . It is a dog that has always been used for grazing as the name suggests but is now also well accustomed to be a companion dog . They are docile , very friendly dogs , both with people and with other dogs, and confident , with strangers behave like many other dogs : barking , lifting ears , tail wagging , is as alert the master, but Directions to attack the stranger just warning him .

I have long hair and very filling especially in the tail and behind the ears , just have it short on the muzzle, face and front of the front and hind legs, is soft touch but in some cases can be rough ; to him so long and often gives them plenty of young lions look . They can be fawn in its different shades , puppies have a brown color change when they become adults , some may have white spots on the chest , toes and tip of tail. Their size ranges from 57 to 64 cm. for males and 55 to 62 cm . for females , and weigh between 28-35 kg . for males and 24 to 30 kg . for females.

The breed was officially recognized by the ROCE .