Basque shepherd

It is a breed native Basque country , within it are the two varieties and lletsua gorbeiakoa . She was recognized as an official breed in 1995 by the ROCE .

The lletsua varieties , has a strong territorial instinct, but is very loyal to his master and rarely separated from him. Her hair is long and somewhat rough, short on face and hind limbs , usually blond color, fawn or cinnamon. Its height is between 47 to 63 cm. for males and from 46 to 58 cm . for females , it ranges from 18 to 33 kg . males and 17 to 30 kg . females.

The gorbeiakoa variety , are always ready to grazing, are very self-confident , sociable and have a balanced temperament. Her hair is rather long , smooth and soft , usually red fire in their different shades , blond or tawny . Have a height of between 47 to 61 cm . the male and 46 to 59 cm. female , weight is between 18 to 36 kg . males and 17 to 29 kg . females.

Being herding dogs need to exercise them a lot, and if possible to have a field where to play.



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