Spanish Water Dog

The Andalusian Dog now called water , called Andalusian before steam is said to be the main origin of the other sub - breeds of European water . Although it is a race of water , has been used as a sheepdog driving sheep and cattle as well as goats and pigs . Today it is widely used by fire departments for rescue in major disasters such as earthquakes , hurricanes, etc. , and also by the civil guard at airports for looking for drugs , . All due to his intelligence and ability to learning . They are loyal , obedient , cheerful , brave and balanced dogs are easily molded to home environment.

Its measures are among the 44 to 50 cm. males and 40 to 45 cm . females , ranging in weight from 18 to 22 kg . males and 14 to 18 kg . females. His coat is always frizzy like a sheep wool , can also look like when they have a long dreadlocks , the maximum allowed is 15 cm. And its color can vary from the uniform tones : white, black and brown in all shades , or two color : black and white or brown and white, and shades .

This breed was recognized by the ROCE in 1985 and later in 1999 was recognized by the FCI .



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