Mallorcan Shepherd Dog

Also called AC bestiar , is a breed of Spain in the region of Mallorca. He is a loyal and loving dog with the person who considers his master , but you have to win her affection and treating it well with exercise. It is always helpful to strangers , because they distrust them , you are very independent and are accustomed to being outdoors , so require a lot of exercise . With children are loving and patient . They are very intelligent dogs, so they have always used to save all kinds of livestock and poultry, is also used as a guard dog of the house.

Within the race the two different types of short coat that is attached to the skin and long hair, which is wavy , thick and soft . Only the black coat is allowed, although it is acceptable only some white spot on the chest. The height is between 66 to 73 cm. males and 62 to 68 cm. females , their weight can reach 40 kg . may suffer hereditary diseases, hip dysplasia and other common diseases of the big dogs.

He was recognized by the ROCE in 1982 and recognized by the governing body of the canine world FCI .