Lizards in Tenerife

Until 5 lizards see in the picture , I laughed a long time until I discovered .

Of course , no one had told me , if I knew that in Tenerife had a protected native lizards, but I did not imagine that they would be everywhere and that.

Are you walked in a garden area and noises were heard and suddenly a lizard came out of these as he pleased . See how the male sunbathing photo .

Also fought , had a bit of bad milk, as is typical of a lizard.

Gallotia galloti , Lagarto Tizon, native and protected from the Canary Islands and Tenerife. The photo was taken in November , which is why the livery of the males do not have a lot of color and lovely blue staining characteristics .

I have read on the Internet that can reach 9 inches but if you look at the picture ... that is bigger , has tiny tummy .

Animals are omnivores also eat all kinds of insects and others, although the nocturnal habits here we see a full day as if it were a photo with them .

Apart from problems with man threat on its habitat , the kestrel is direct enemy of them .

Nearly all populations are stable, hopefully they keep it for a long time , when I return to Tenerife make better photos.