The kennels cough (infectious tracheobronchitis)

I'll tell you what happened to us last week with our pets, we are a group of about 15 people that we met every evening in the park, the truth is that we are very lucky, we have a park with grass and also fenced, there may release our pets to play with the assurance that they can not escape or hit the road.

Last week entered a new member in the herd; a greyhound of three years they have taken a couple of new neighbours, in other times it has been joined by a new member was welcomed to the group.

Earlier this week 2 dogs the group, one of them my dog (a year and a half staffy) and a boxer (three years) have started to feel ill, on Tuesday afternoon, after coming to play as my dog coughed a little, with a very dry and ugly cough, on Wednesday morning went worse, just almost ate something, I also noticed that drinking more water than usual. On Wednesday afternoon we took him to the vet (which fortunately I have in the same street) and told me that in this area runs the kennel cough virus (and more than a dog has, including the new group member), I was so shocked at first, thought it was something serious, but on the contrary, the vet told me it was like human flu and that with rest, antibiotics and vitamins disappears in about 5 days.

The kennel cough is not too severe, often disappear even without treatment, but it is highly contagious and is transmitted by the air. Rarely becomes mortal but affects many more dwarf breeds, puppies and older dogs, so it is recommended to vaccinate every year. Usually spread in places where there are many dogs together as kennels, parks ...

Vet recommended to avoid taking the dog to the streets in the early hours and that relates to other dogs, and 5 days to play again with colleagues (just in case I'm going to wait a week).

To prevent it from getting there a preventive vaccine, (as happens every year with the flu vaccine) given intramuscularly in two doses separated by one month's time, and its duration is one year, can cost about 20€  each dose or if you prefer you can also save some money but a vaccine is administered intranasal , has a year duration and costs around 10 €.

If your vet has not mentioned, ask if it is advisable to vaccinate your pet.


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