Rheobatrachus silus, What is so special?

This picture book is very curious , a frog inside another frog, I assure you it is not Photoshop.

In the title of our article about animals today were wondering because this frog is special and is for 3 reasons that we will explain below.

The first is that this original australia frog became extinct in 1983 , a real shame , but another animal to the red list of extinct because of human animals, such as the reasons for its extinction is unknown I attribute to be human, possibly by contamination of their habitats , you see just for this and deserves special interest to us.

The second reason is because it is the only animal with stomach incubation, the fertilized eggs are eaten and not digested, but new amphibians from inside his mother as see in the picture appear , tadpoles swim inside the stomach of his mother until they are ready to leave the outside world. You will find that if is a special animal.

Now the last and most important of the reasons , thanks to the research of scientists from the University of New South Wales, we may be a one-step cloning of this species.

During the 70s, was preserved frozen tissue of this amphibian and now is being used to transfer DNA to cells of frogs eggs of another species. Although it has not yet achieved we may be at the beginning of recovery for many lost our empire on earth species.