What are the birds speak?

This widespread adoption of birds as pets, in the end what is sought is a way to interact and something to hold on our affection and dedication.

Human beings have many years of development and talking to the birds is almost as rare as a bird can speak genetic inheritance .

Well, see , low to begin and we will list those birds we know as talkative , more or less, but can surprise us with some humanized whistle or some other word.

Parakeets ; These are the most used birds as a pet canary chasing after other purposes, the budgie is the faithful companion of any child and indeed can articulate some words and whistles , but we must have patience.

The Agapornis the jump ... these just scream , are some mashers of eardrums .

Nymphs or carolinas, also talk and sing , are a cuteness , if a little nymph take a bus and you raise hand you can also teach them to talk.

African Parrots , the Known Iacchus , is one of the most skillful imitators.

I remember a story of a couple who had two parrots and one of them also imitated the human voice calling her husband with the voice of women and also to ring the phone .

These you see, talk up a storm ...

Amazonian parrots , these are also very much , but not as much as before .

South American Macaws are too much , but when we talk of parrots ... we talked about great economic sums are not budgies.

Australian cockatoos , these also talk a lot, but are very difficult to care for birds , not for food, but for the psychological treatment we give them, it is difficult to adapt to human life.

Mines and Graculas are like crows , and speak very, very well. Are also extremely intelligent , remember who told me that they had one and gave him a cookie, then the mynah would the dipped in water so that was squishy and the ate .

Good luck with your pet and hopefully soon start to sing like Pavarotti.



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