Spanish Mastiff

It is a breed of dog that was used to guard flocks, and to defend the attack of the wolf, is the only dog capable of dealing with them. Today used to guard farms and herds . Dogs are intelligent , self-confident , gentle , affectionate and noble, very loyal to their masters , and perfect for the child you feel a lot of attraction , when used to guard farms and herds is very firm and vermin and strangers. They have a semi-long , dense , thick, straight hair. Ños certain colors are not uniform vary : yellow , fawn , red, black , fawn and Cubs , which are the most appreciated , although some also appreciate combined as : brindle , tweets and corbatos . Its measurement is 77cm . the minimum for males and 72 cm . for females. The weight varies between 90 to 100 kg . males and 55-77 kg . females , although some may reach over 120 kg .

In 1946 he was recognized by the FCI to be fixed in several copies of the center of Spain .



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