Ibizan hound


Eivissenc ca also called, is a breed of dog native Spain on the island of Ibiza. They are intelligent, agile, active and athletic dogs, so they need lots of exercise. They are good dogs and very loving home with children and other dogs. Thanks to its agility can jump very high, so it is recommended if you are in a garden put them high will have a strong hunting instinct so it is not advisable to bring loose unless it is a closed site, since they can chase anything. Two straight hair and wire-haired varieties, their colors can be white, red or a combination of both. The Ibizan hound can vary in height being between 61-74 cm. and weigh between 20-29 kg. The males are larger than females. Having sight and smell are highly developed used for hunting, especially rabbit. They are dogs that can live between 11 and 14 years, provided that they take good care.