Valencian Mouser

It is a breed of Spain , in the Valencian Community. Formerly the huertanos used them for hunting rodents in stables , also in hunting rabbits and voles . Although it was primarily bred for hunting because of the disappearance of many fields is perfectly suited as a pet in the home. It's a dog with a cheerful , active, very loving and loyal to its owner, if somewhat nervous character , does not like strangers, but shows great courage in both hunting and defense of their masters.

They have fine , short hair , its color varies from a single tone that can be tan and black , or colored with spots , abounding with more fire on black tricolor with white , black tan markings , white chocolate , chocolate fire , white black tan or white . Its height ranges from 30 to 40 cm. males and 29 to 38 cm. females, although the ideal standard is 36 cm . for males and 33 cm . for females. The weight of both males and females is between 4 and 8 kg .

Although it is a very old breed was not until 2004 that the ROCE recognized officially.