The Spanish Dogs Breeds


Spanish dog breeds had always been used for work, as well as guard or surveillance or herding dogs , especially sheep . Although currently there is many of them as pets . In Spain there are 40 breeds of dogs , which can be divided into officers, which the ministry of environment and rural recognized, and no, they are not official . Below I detail a list of them , later we will be talking about some . The officers could also be divided into two groups those recognized by the ROCE and no.

Official : Spanish Alano
Bestiar Ca ( german shepherd )
Ca de bou ( Mallorca Bulldog)
Eivissen Ca ( Ibizan hound )
Ca mallorquí me
Ca rater ( Valencian Buzzard )
Can of palleiro
Can guicho or quisquelo
Artzain txakurra Euskal ( Basque shepherd)
Spanish Galgo
Gos d' catalá height ( Catalan Sheepdog )
Gos valenciá rater ( Valencian Buzzard )
Spanish Mastin
Pastor garafiano
Perdigueiro galego
Burgos Retriever
Spanish Water Dog
majorero dog
Presa canario
Andalusian hound
hound canary
hound galego
Andalusian Mouser winemaker
Spanish hound
Pachon navarro
Villain of the Encartaciones

No official : Ca Coniller
Can guicho
Castilian Carea
Leon Carea
Carea manchego
Cantabrian Water Dog
Wolf Dog herreño
Rehalero naveño
Mouser Murcia
bloodhound Cantabrian
Villanuco Encartaciones