The Hound Drahthaar

The truth is that the name.... gets it . It's much easier to call the " Dractar " .

These dogs have always loved , very playful and sympathetic to people, I've never seen it in action and hunting.

It is a dog of German origin with the name of course you have, it is easy to guess.

Are dogs with lots of energy will not live well in an apartment, many hunters do not have them as pet dogs , but in order to use them for hunting, for they are excellent employees to uncover pieces of game and then collect them.

However, in a chalet or cottage will be great with good space to run and enjoy.

There are day care dogs , but will protect the functions of territory to any foreign sounding the alarm.

This German species is not especially fast after the game, but is used more in big game , talking deer , wild boars , etc. ... his strength and character proves so .

For us it is much more interesting race for its beautiful red color on a heather gray , also its always very loving and playful character .

Such races are offered at animal shelters , as many hunters leave the copies are not suitable for hunting, in the best ... so many times the typical hunting dog is as easy to find among dogs for adoption, you will have luck with these dogs as family .