Kryptolebias marmoratus

You're going to have to search google photo of the fish, but be patient , the end of the article I leave a link to a very good pdf .

The first time I saw the Kryptolebia marmoratus thought a Rivulus , I leave it on standby , but someday I have to raise this species ...

But everything changed when I came looking for some information and discovered amazing aspects :

. - A hermaphrodite fish , females are capable of self-fertilization in fact a female and raise you .... Weird right ? ?

. - They can live out of water in their natural habitat hide in hollow logs and holes during the dry season aguatan several months , just when it rains ... yet it did not seem weird?

For me is more than enough, so that through Aquabid I got some eggs you see in the photo, all embryonated but unfortunately died during the trip from Germany because of excessive heat.

But do not worry , have a kind for which you are interested is always good , always leave something to be done.

This is in contradiction with that said I think that Benjamin Franklin, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today , and maybe he was right , but I like to enjoy the search for species until you get it and have success in reproduction.

Maybe I'm becoming a collector of species and not a student of the species , what your heart calls and tells you why ?

As promised at the beginning of our article , here you have pdf file with a work on Kryptolebias marmoratus :