The Clown Botia

The goal of our website is to meet animals your questions , share information and hacerl accessible ... the best way we can think of is repondiendo possible questions that could make aquarium enthusiasts .

What is the scientific name of Botia Clown ?

The botia clown loach is also known as Clown , clown fish ... Common names are what everyone wants to kick the fish , the correct way is always identified by its scientific name and taxonomic classification , in this case Chromobotia Macracanthu .

How much does one botia Clown ?

Fish are highly demanded by how beautiful they are , it sells for around 7 Euros . Sure, they do not breed fish like Guppy , everything is relative to this property.

From where is the Botia Clown ?

Sumatra , Borneo , and this will give us some clues about the temperature and water conditions that need .

What water parameters need Botia Clown ?

They are better in alkaline waters , but not too much, a Ph7 and GH 10 -20 , but this can vary slightly

What eats botia clown?

They are omnivorous fish , will feed on everything that caught by the fund. Often sold as predators of snails , as if they would end up with an infestation of snails melanoides for years we have been growing in 1 week . And the truth is that not all snails will eat newborn they can, because they are cuddly , but not adults , that will last a long time in the aquarium and think that our botia not fulfill its purpose.

Jumps out of the tank the Clown ?

Yes, these fish are very skillful for that, I collected one several times outside the aquarium ... until you picked it up .

Is the botia aggressive clown? Is it compatible with other fish ?

They are very lively and territorial fish , and large enough if well cared for and this can lead them to attack other tank mates .

If we put them with other small fish end up eating up maybe one .

How many clown botia I put in my aquarium ?

It is always better to keep a small group of 3 -4 copies , provided that adequate space is maintained .

What size aquarium is recommended for botia clown?

Think tanks of 100 liters on, think that perhaps reaches its adult size at 15 inches in an aquarium , as in the wild reaches twice the size get . They are very beautiful fish that we sell and put in aquariums smaller than 40 liters, but this should only be temporary.

How to reproduce the botia clown?

In captivity ... still not been achieved only in a timely manner , are oviparous .

How long live Botia clown?

Well if you take care likely have botia well for many years , for its size would say no less than 10 years .

How to differentiate male and female ?

You can not , are exactly the same , perhaps for behavioral or all day if you're looking at them you can tell by the length of the mustache or any other details what you want to be male and female .