It is a snake found in the desert southwest of the United States and the center of Mexico. It is well known for its neurotoxic venom and the bell with the end of its body, which used to warn intruders.


Physical characteristics

They are medium sized and heavy body, measuring about 45-90 cm. Although it has come to find a copy of 130 cm. Rattlesnakes increase in size each time they shed their skin, which is produced four times a year. Their background colour is usually brown, gray-green, olive brown or yellowish green, depending on the environment they are in; stains on the back often have diamond or hexagonal shape and are usually dark gray or brown, with clear edges that are fading towards the tail, which are black and gray rings.



They are very active snakes from April to September, can do it alone or in groups, like mammals are viviparous, they can give birth to 17 snakes, but usually they are eight pups. They usually hunt in ambush, and feed on rodents and lizards. Although it is always said that they are very aggressive towards humans found no evidence to support it. But if you defend if are disturbed.


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