Violin spider

Also called corner spider, is black, brown, reddish -green, ash green or ash brown.


Physical characteristics

The female is larger and therefore more dangerous than the male. Usually measures 8 to 30 mm. with their legs extended. Unlike most spiders have eight eyes these are 6, arranged in pairs, one for larger front medium and two smaller lateral pairs that offer a better view, this makes them easily identifiable.

They are rather thick, hairy easily camouflage themselves with their surroundings thanks to their colours. They are able to react very quickly and find a safe place to hide, getting through slits of no more than 5 mm. and jumping over up to 10 cm.



His habits are nocturnal, which increases its activity on hot nights, decreasing its activity when it's cold. They usually hide in dusty little neat. It is easy to detect because of the existence of exoskeletons left by the change of the spider, behind pictures, in corners, etc...



It has a potentially deadly poison, depending on how the person who is bitten. Its action is proteolytic and has necrolytic proteins that destroy the tissue. There is an antidote but its effectiveness decreases once past 6 hours, so you have to be very quick in detecting this sting.