Trench, Cryptoprocta ferox

The trench was doing a little nap , I really did not know what animal it was, so that I was enlightened , thanks.

The fossa is Madagascar 's largest carnivore is Eupleridae family member , such as mongooses .

It is the main predator of lemurs , after the man , sure..

The size of these beasts is not very big , maybe be smaller than a German Shepherd, but may have a little cranky.

The males are larger than females, but these are extremely territorial and are they male who decides to approach his territory to conduct life cycle .

In Madagascar are highly regarded animals , magical powers are satanic and are accused of killing chickens and other farm animals , so occasionally hunts justify Graves to undermine their populations.

Although the copies that are kept in captivity is a totally different character , affective with their caregivers , calm and confident .