Great Dane

Or also known as German Bulldog, but still you sound more if I make reference to scooby doo, he was a Great Dane.

Dogs are kind, caring and very loyal to their owners, especially are very sociable with children, and are distrustful of strangers. They are not aggressive dogs, but they are by their large size but if provoked having the upper hand when it comes to having a problem. Its constitution is strong and muscular, the form of the male is perfect, as tall as long, while in females allowed to be longer than high. The distance from the withers to the shoulders is like the shoulders to the ground. His hair is short, thick and glossy, usually of a single colour, black, brindle, blue, fawn, boston or harlequin that has white spots with black patches, like the clown.

It is a dog that requires a lot of care, so it's not a good choice as a first pet. You have to walk it a lot, and when giant breed are prone to gastric torsion, so daily walks should be free of effort or sudden temperature changes.


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