Spaniel breton

It is an athletic dog, compact and solidly built, but without being heavy. His legs are long like his walk as well as being long is light and elastic.

Though originally bred as a hunting dog, he soon saw it was a sensitive dog, gentle and easy to train, making them great pets and working in the field. They are very active dogs, so they require frequent exercise, something good is point them to agility, something that mentally stimulate and draw all their energy. They are very loyal and friendly dogs, which makes them very confident with strangers, yet are also very scary.


Its size can vary between 44.45 and 52.07 cm. at the withers and weigh between 16 and 19 kg. depending on the height. There is usually a wide variety of colours, the American Breton orange and white is the most common, but also this reddish brown and white, orange and reddish brown, all exhibits accepted. In UK and France also generally have a tricolour coat, even having black colour, which leads America disqualification. Some are born with naturally short tails, others however are born with a long tail and are usually cut, except in countries where it is illegal, which should have it back up to the more or less.


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