Majorcan bulldog 

This breed also called prey Mallorcan is related to the Bulldog or Presa Canario, is a Spanish breed indigenous to Mallorca.

Dogs are gentle character, very affectionate with their owners very loyal, obedient plus a dog that hardly can be bribed. They are great watchers are not barkers, or show aggression, although they may appear dominant with their peers of the same sex, females are much easier to carry. Dogs are good to have in an apartment as long as we give them attention and get them out to exercise. Like most dogs of these breeds are quite easy to acclimate anywhere.

Size standards are 56 cm. to the cross and about 36 kg. weight, the most valued colours are brindle , fawn and black . The white patches are allowed, but only in hind limbs, chest and maximum tolerated by 30% of the body, the black mask is also supported. When colour is tawny hues prefer brindle intense when they seek the dark tones.

This breed comes from crossing the English Mastiff and the Bulldog.


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