Tibetan Mastiff

Is a native of Tibet and dating from 8000 BC. It is a working breed of Himalayan pastoralists and guardians of Tibetan monasteries.

It is a quiet and very protective dog, is a dog powerful and heavy, stunning looks but kind. They are perfect for the company, as guard and protection.

Females have very less hair than males. In this hair premium quality to quantity, the hair should be fairly long and dense hair is thin but tough and straight. Never curly or wavy, are all covered in a thick layer of hair.

Colours can range from intense black, black and tan, brown, gold, gray and blue, gray, blue and tan. It allowed a white star on the chest, along with minimal white markings on the feet.

The height is at least 66cm. at the withers for males and 61 cm. for females.


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