Also known as a dachshund or teckel in Spain, there are three varieties of this breed dog within the standard and miniature dachshunds, in all there are three different types of hair, long hair, short haired. His form in all varieties is long and low, with a long tail and snout stretched ears also have long fallen addition, and their legs are small with long black nails.

Their short legs maybe it's something that characterizes much and differentiates them in addition to something that made them very adept at hunting as it could enter through these burrows. It is a race that if he trains can serve both game like for less, but it is advisable to train him for only one type of game, otherwise, in case of finding a trace of the other type of hunting will go after him and lose the trail.

They are very loving and friendly dogs, both with people and with other dogs. Be especially careful with being overweight, and that having such a long spine may have problems in your spine, so like the basset should not climb stairs or jump them too.


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