Sheepdog is a French origin. It is a very strong and vigorous race, so it requires a person to help you release all your energy, both physically and psychologically, and also need space and lots of exercise. They are very intelligent dogs, kind and patient with the kids, though at first can be somewhat stubborn. If you have an active owner, patient, serious and know you impose the limits, it can become a great companion, and a great guard dog, guide or grazing as well as being a great protector. They do not usually have problems with other dogs if socialized him well.

They are very muscular dogs with erect ears if he has made the cut, and tail carried low and long. They are usually black with brownish spots or fire. Male size varies between 65 and 70 cm. at the withers, and females between 61 and 68 cm. to the cross too.

Also something that many people do not know this breed is very similar to doberman is because it is one of the races with which the cross was made to get the doberman breed.


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