Basset hound


This dog is generally used for hunting deer, foxes and hares. It has a low body height at the withers , long body, short legs and long ears and strong you reach the chest , besides having a great sense of smell , in your neck also have long fur loose besides what they creates its characteristic wrinkles and sad face . His hair is short and thick, are generally tricolour: black, honey and white, although there are also two colour: white or black honey and white.

They are dogs that really like to eat and sleep, they prefer to play, so you have to watch your diet so you do not suffer overweight. They are very loving dogs, calm, loyal and play very well with children, although they are sometimes very stubborn. Sometimes they can be very jealous, so one must be very careful with children, as are dogs with great hunting instinct also have to be careful because once they get to follow a trail.

They are dogs who by their short stature and large 'd get out there to spare the soaring of stairs, jumping and standing, as it can cause spinal problems.


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