They are the only mammals that can fly. There may be about a thousand hundred species worldwide, except in Antarctica. Its size can vary from the smallest measuring between 29/33 mm. in length and 2 g. weight to the largest known flying fox which is the Filipino with 1.5 m. in length and 1.2 kg. weight.

The 70 % of the species of bats are insectivores , meaning they eat insects , most of the rest are frugivores, ie feed on fruits , sometimes feed on small vertebrates such as rodents , frogs, fish , other birds even bats , or in the case of sucking blood , known vamps , although in reality there are only three species do so. More than half of the species are targeted and hunt by sound, as many of them are blind. Their fur can vary by species, but are usually red, brown, gray, yellow and black. Their wings are much thinner than those of other birds and as a result can maneuver more quickly and easily.

Bats occupy niches in almost everywhere, caves, crevices, holes, buildings or outdoors. There are other species live solitary and forming large colonies. All feed at night and rest during the day, and they're livebearers.