Tiger shark

It is so called because like the big cat, has a series of transverse stripes on the back and sides, which are blurring over the years. Its colour varies from blue to bluish green which helps camouflage, in the belly and face is white. His jaw has a special and it has 5 rows of teeth, which if lost during an attack any other climb into position. Attacks all types of prey from: fish, squid, rays, sea turtles, dolphins even other sharks. Also are known to be able to swallow rubbish, what has been found in the stomachs of some fish caught.

They correspond to the warm and temperate oceans. They grow slowly reach maturity at 4 or 6 years, the females reach 2.6 m. and the males 2.2 m. The largest specimen was caught in Australia average 5.5 m. and weighed 1,524 kg. And oldest known age was 50 years.

The tiger shark is considered very dangerous as it is considered responsible for most attacks on humans.