If you are thinking or have thought about purchasing a new pet for the home, be it a dog or a cat, stop for a moment and think about the following:

You'll get a pet, a pet that will give you all the love and you will spend a lot of time and love, you want a PET, an animal with which to enjoy it matters, Why Pay? NOTHING.

You'll need any pet refuge near your location, just searching on google and sure are dozens of pet refuge nears where you live, even you never know of its existence.

Because adopt and not buy?
First, you really need to host an animal in your home, you surely that pet will thank you for all its life; Pet will give you everything for nothing.
You'll be working with the pet refuge in this time, pet refuge are needed of resources

And how is a pet refuge?
Very easy, to host a pet have to meet the following requirements:
Must be registered in the central database, it is safer to be asked to the documentation, and you need to do an interview with pet refuge staff, they ask you where you live, if you had a pet or already had, why you decided for hosting and not buy.
If you think about change residence. What hobbies do you have. As you treat the pet ... and of course to be more than 18 years old.

If you get past the interview and you are a good candidate to adopt the pet you take home, the pet refuge staff can contact with you later, past any days or weeks, can visit you or you can take to pet refuge the animal to see their state ...

Furthermore, most pets are already sterilized and past medical controls.

And more importantly, can contribute in a symbolic way with a donation to the pet refuge, money that will go to the maintenance of the different animals that have, sterilization, and any expenses.

Also, if you already have a pet can give it a great joy to bring a new partner with to spend much time in your absence.

Adopts, can make life a lot happier pet besides being able to help and save other pets.


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