Information on Pogonas

The other day I was in the pet store and I noticed this reptile. It seems to be a kind of Pogona, Bearded lizard.

There are 7 species of pogonas:

Pogona barbata

Pogona henrylawsoni

Pogona microlepidota

Pogona minima

Pogona minor

Pogona nullarbor

Pogona vitticeps

Australians are reptiles, which require temperatures hovering around 26 º C - 40 º C

They can reach 10 years of age and 50 cm in length.

Do not prick the catch.

Males are extremely territorial, so we can only have one male per terrarium.

The minimum size for the terrarium should be 1 meter, they are medium sized lizards considerably.

As substrate avoids swallowing anything they can swallow or at least something that nothing happens, chips is the most toilet paper.

They eat all kinds of live food, the most varied possible best

We provide clean water daily.

You enjoy your pogonas, or Bearded dragons.