Macropodus opercularis

The Fish of Paradise , Macropodus Anabantido opercularis is a market famous freshwater tropical fish .

It originated from China, where it inhabits semipantanosas water and rice fields .

It is a hard and tough fish in stores find acuariofila almost exclusively male specimens , a color that has little to do with what we see in aquariums of the pet shop , because when they are adapted to their habitat show a livery red and blue colors with fins deployed spectacular.

Females however are no more a gray color contrast.

The temperature range that holds this species is very broad and can withstand the winters abroad in areas such as the Levant in Spain .

This makes it an ideal alternative to the typical fish ponds cold water orange.

Reproduction is the development of a bubble nest on the surface where a big hug after the pair copulatory eggs deposited where the fry hatch .

It is a voracious species feed on small aquatic crustaceans .

Undoubtedly one species to consider for your aquarium but you are interested in placing heater.