Red river hogs

Potamochoerus porcus, here we have one of the typical tenants of a European zoo, red river hogs a Wild Boar of African origin living in the forests, wetlands and savanna.

This photograph is taken in Bioparc, Valencia, is an animal from the savanna.

It is one of many African mammals, an animal that is prey omnivorous possible any of the large predators of Africa.

Those red tones that you can see around the eyes are warts corneas, typical of this species.

The males are larger than females.

It is an animal of nocturnal habits, even for a zoo is left with no choice but to move during the day.

These animals are monogamous but form herds of up to 20 copies, all jerarquicaquemente subordinate to a dominant male.

They need to live close to water sources, they are dependent on water, always be near streams and rivers.



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