With the arrival of Christmas, this time of year full of hope for all, also come some dangers associated with our pets, especially for those who have inside our homes such as dogs and cats. We must be more alert to avoid any misfortune happen to them or any mishap.

The Christmas Tree

Surely you have installed or are planning to use this weekend to set up the Christmas tree, the tree is always very nice with its shiny ornaments and lights on and off continuously, but for our pets is a source of care

Be careful when mounting the tree, you have to provide a good support so can fall on your pet if try to catch any balls.

Avoid putting the ball in the bottom, you pet can take some and try to bite even are made by plastic, can bite and can cause it to cut or even to eat pieces of plastic that will make cuts in the gut or in the mouth, discard the glass ornaments are very nice but if they fall to the ground and break your pet can eat and cause them swallowing bowel perforation.

 Be careful with the lights, if you leave the house turn off the lights and leave them disconnected from the electricity, your pet may try to bite the cable and can be electrocuted, every year dozens of pets die electrocuted with lights Christmas tree.

Beware belen

If you also have a belen mounted, take particular care not to have it in an easily accessible place your pet can eat any figurine.

Beware of the food, especially sweets.

Always usually eat, candies, nougat, chocolate prevents leave on the table or on a site that is within reach, these sweets are high in sugar and is not recommended for pets.

It is a time that normally are great feasts with family, leave your pet without access to the kitchen to don’t eat waste food, can get bones of chicken or turkey or fish bone and eat .

Beware typical Christmas plants

Poinsettias and mistletoe, if eaten can suffer irritation, vomiting and diarrhea

Lilies are especially toxic to cats, their ingestion can cause death within days.

The dry pine leaves are needles, have prevented below the Christmas tree, when dried are like needles and ingestion by your pet can perforate the intestine.


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