Celestial Pearl Danio

Danio margaritatus , Microrasbora Galaxy .

These fish just 2 inches are a good choice for nano aquariums , few smaller fish and beautiful we will find.

Often neocaridinas lie with prawns and caridinas , and yes, some are eaten zoea is normal, are omnivorous fish and micro predators , eat dapnias , brine shrimp and prawns , and are highly nutritious for them.

They are quite timid , in this small aquarium I have a couple and if you want to see the companion to this photo I have to put light on the back of the aquarium to see him move .

The water parameters we are too demanding :

Temperature between 20 and 26 ° C and can withstand a little more in that range.

PH , 6'5 - 7'5

PPM , < 400

Sexing males and females should be simple, but it depends on the age of the specimen and its state , a priori photo copy should be female , with males being more red and dotted fins .

Playback also say it is simple , lay their eggs and fry have 72 hours swimming in the aquarium , if placed in an aquarium and planted sufficiently large, free swimming specimens may appear alongside adults , because as soon as they reach a minimum size they were no longer able to eat .