The fish jump

In another article, if my memory serves me explain because jumping fish conservation instinct betrayed them because they were not yet prepared to live out of water, but perhaps a fish out of many millions of our aquariums jumping perhaps get.

You ought to take special care in small aquariums, because the tendency to escapism is much higher. This small Pseudoepiplatys annulatus was in an aquarium with lid, look at the following picture where he jumped.


Yes, by this little hole left ... not an easy task over the truth and was on the other side of the aquarium. Well, these things happen.

To prevent it is best to cover these small holes ... for example with the grindal tapper, so there does not leak out.

Sure that for many has gone unnoticed ... mind you in the hole of the aquarium, there is another annulatus thinking themselves whether to jump or not to jump, because around here, and I say it will not jump, look.


Of the fish can learn many things, everyone can draw their own reflection of this isolated incident, but not unique.



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