Heterandria formosa

Are not a big Ichthyological experts, but on the contrary, we are surprised and exited with any animal or plant new to us. Recently, interested in viviparous fish that could withstand temperatures mild lift Valencia, gave a sort of group of 9 smaller fish, mosquito fish, which should not be confused with the dreaded for many Gambussia affinis, the heterandrias viviparous fish originating in the Southeastern United States. A fish relatively easy to keep and breed. It fits perfectly in temperatures between 5 º C and 35 º C, possibly if we test could break these barriers. Alkaline water is like, like its American congeners of the genus Poecilia.

Every month the females give birth to new fry. Bookmark the male's sperm for self-fertilization for months.

It cost me to get it, but finally di with a link to a pdf file of a study of the species that I recommend a look. You can find it at the following link:


The Heterandria formososa for its diminutive size, males and females 3'5 2'5 cms is a fish highly recommended for nano aquariums and gambarios normally will not do anything to our prawns, so it's kind perfectly compatible with our minigambarios .

Do not hesitate to enjoy it if you have a chance, have a pattern of yellow and black colors very pretty with a touch of orange on the dorsal fin.

We appreciate sharing the information, respecting the source.

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