Dog breeders, professionals or opportunistic vultures.

Many disagree with the office of the breeder, the truth is that only just take a look on the internet and if you want a dog there are plenty in animal shelter where we can get one that needs more attention than a dog that will surely be acquired by someone.


And as happens in most businesses much intrusiveness, many think ' I bought the dog and do you breed a couple of times, I remove the dough furnish the house and change the TV is these to which we must stop, the intruders to sell a puppy (often do not know if it is pure or a cross), no papers, and many times without seeing a veterinarian the animal.


Professional breeders are dedicated to this, they have maintained breeds, properly identified, with permits and licenses .... If it is true that a puppy can cost thousands of euros, but that the audi we carry and we'll be paying a few years is not worth it ... Or the polo dress which cost us 120€  ....


Breeders get puppies healthy after years and years dedicated to breeding, a professional does not deceive us, their advertising is us, not the pirate who wants to get the house rent a couple of months to breed their dog.


This is like everything ... depends on our pockets ... we can eat chicken breasts to 6 € / Kg or beef steak to 30 € / kg, in something it makes a difference ... Animal husbandry as a profession itself, the pirate who sells puppies that is who is to be punished.