For many people who have pets at home, it's a problem to have to go out or just spend the day away from home and leave alone the pet at home without being able to give the food, and much more so when the pet is a puppy, requires a minimum of 3 times meal a day, with this automatic dispenser, we have the solution to our concerns.

You just have to worry about the food container is full, it can be programmed to sound when a custom alarm indicated by ourselves, with our own voice and explain the animal has already prepared his food, and battery is no danger of electric shock to the animal, is protected in a rollover to avoid spilling food on the floor.

There are special feeders where food falls out of control but not recommended because it does not know exactly what our pet eats








And forget about having to put your pet every time the food, and controls the amount of food you pet eat each day. Only for 39,82€

Shipping is always free and in approximately two weeks you have at home, just by using your PayPal account.


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