The time change in our pets

We all know that there is a shift of time by having greater energy savings, there are people who can disrupt this change to bedtime.


But what about our pets? , How it affects them, many people think that they do not alter at all, but they are wrong because they have habits acquired under the light.

The most common is that they usually affect the timing of meals, especially dogs and cats which we feed us if we used to feed them at a later time when such change occurs they will waiting for his food bowl for an hour if winter change, or not be hungry when I put the food an hour earlier in summer change.


Also affects them on walks, as if they are used to going out at certain times if they are ahead of the walk, we must be a bit more with them because it costs them to your needs, and otherwise we pass that gradually we go a little later, because if all of a delayed one hour your ride, can be harmful to them because they are holding up more time than normal to make their needs.


If all this we are slowly getting used to the time change, and overtake or delay food time, or walk in 10 min. And for a week until you reach the time, that way you will not be so traumatic for our pets.


And for those birds try to give them light which goes before or cover with a rag, not abruptly change them sleep cycle.