Barnyard animals

It is the coolest of the barnyard, and that’s, watch as all the chickens roam.


What need to raise a good chicken? To raise them is typical bulk feed that contains corn mostly, if we have confidence in our orchard we may ask that we keep everything that is not suitable to sell and thereby strengthen our feeding chickens, another way to is quick fatten them peeled peanuts with his food that have a lot of fat and provides a lot of energy


But that can cost us a chicken like this? Only 6 € or even less. The hens are cheaper, around 3 €.


What older can be a chicken? Around eight years, or in my home until next Christmas arrives, we bought in August-September and for Christmas we death.


For it takes the chicken? In order to fertilize the eggs and chicks out, there is no need a chicken for a hen to lay eggs, the hen lays eggs when it reaches sexual maturity around 6 months of age, and may be laying eggs regularly ( depend on his diet ) to3 years from 5 years down egg production .


Which is better chicken meat or hen meat? The meat of the hen is used to cooked meat is more flavourful than chicken but much harder, we use chicken for any dish.


Why are eggs with 2 yolks? Usually occurs in younger hens that do not have their regular cycle, so there is really a double ovulation is what causes the 2 yolks.


A chicken can cover the only more than a dozen hens, what a machine...